Among our many services we provide a range of financial and investments services, real estate services, European business regulation, establishment in the Gulf Region, taxation services, migration, citizenship by investment programs, asset management and financial regulation among many other fields. We regularly advise and consult for fund managers, investments firms and other financial institutions G.W LAW advises on legal issues related to all aspects of the real estate sector including projects, operations, divestments and portfolio acquisitions.

Our ambition is to be a go-to partner as our clients step into or out of the Middle East  regardless of the market. 

Financial and Banking Services


We understand the importance of international coverage for the financial markets, and regularly draw on the expertise from our international network of preferred firms, enabling us to provide effective cross-border assistance. Financial and banking services are being the subject of an extensive development the last few years and the regulatory environment has become increasingly complex. We assist the firm’s clients in maneuvering in this area and customize our work around the clients needs.